Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much is a deposit? Is it required?

A: A deposit is usually 50! It goes towards the final cost of your tattoo, so if you want to put more down you're always welcome. Upon booking your appointment online, you'll now be prompted to put a deposit down once you're scheduling your appointment! 

Q: Are consultations required?

A: Nope! They're mostly for people who have the time or are getting something custom- in that case it tends to be better for us both if we can meet in person before finalizing an appointment. Usually flash/predrawn designs don't require a consult beforehand- but if this is your first tattoo, you're nervous or unsure of the entire process, feel free! Plus, then you have an excuse to meet me and get a terrible first impression!

Q: How much does a tattoo cost?

A: It depends entirely on the tattoo. I do not typically charge by the hour unless it is an ongoing project with multiple sessions. My rate for longer session pieces is 100 an hour- for smaller, one sitting pieces the price will not reflect time, but mostly detail, sizing, and placement.  I always prefer to know a budget beforehand, just so that I can know how to accommodate. 

Q: How much will it hurt?

A: This is also something that vastly varies from person to person- it can be anywhere from a light buzz to more of an annoyance. I do have a numbing spray available, but it is  used after the initial linework is complete! It helps reduce swelling and can even make some parts of the following work painless (sometimes)! I'm also very understanding that tattooing is in itself, a painful procedure and can go from tolerable to triggering very fast- breaks are always welcomed, and never shamed. Everyone has varying pain tolerances and to assume every single person will sit the same is both inconsiderate and ableist. I try to create a welcoming and understanding environment with consideration to mental and physical limitations.

Q: What should I bring? 

A: I generally suggest bringing a couple things when you're getting tattooed-water, some snacks, and maybe a book! I have all of these things here and accessible to clients but it's always good to have your own on hand, especially if you have dietary restrictions. 

Q: I really like this other person's design! Will you do it? 

A: No, sorry. I can take very small elements that you like from a piece and work it into an original design of my own. 

Q: I really like a tattoo you did on someone else! Can I get that tattoo also? Maybe from someone else?

A: No, sorry. I don't repeat designs unless I have explicit permission from both parties. Like if you're best pals and want matching ones. And as far as getting one of my designs by someone else- I almost always say no, since I will be traveling, but if you're outside of the US and want a design, email me about it and I will likely say yes! I understand the limitations of money that traveling for tattoos entails, so I'm more willing to work with people the farther away they are.

See something on here that you wanna ask? Shoot me an email!