This is the booking form! Once submitted and if your idea is approved, I'll send you the link to my scheduling calendar and you will be able to choose a date for your appointment!

At the moment, my custom books and my flash books are open! If you want flash just ask for the one you like and I will tell you if it’s available.

Please include as much detail as possible so that the booking process can be quick and easy! Thanks for reading. 

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Predrawn/ flash designs are single use! If you are wanting one, please indicate in the box below this the date it was posted from my instagram, and a brief description. Not sure if its claimed? I'll let you know, but have a backup just in case. If its a custom design, please be as specific as possible with how you want your tattoo to look. If your request is too generalized I won't be able to take it!
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I don't currently work on Sundays or Wednesdays
If yes, please describe your tattoo that you want covered; how big is it, where is it, what colors are involved, how old is it, who tattooed it on you, and what do you want to cover it with.