Books are currently closed

Books are closed until September of 2018! I will not be taking custom proposals or flash appointments because I am booked out until September. In the meantime, here is my information on booking flash and custom work! I plan on opening my books again in late summer for appointments in October 2018 through January 2019.  Typically I book a set amount of custom designs and then fill my schedule with flash pieces. At the moment, I have no availability for either. Thank you for your patience!


  1. Availability: I am currently in the process of making a system to tag and record all taken flash designs! Once my books are open, you can email me the date and a brief description of the design through my booking form. At the moment, I am no longer booking flash designs for my current booking period. Please do not email me requesting to put certain designs on hold while my books are closed, as it is not fair to folks who are waiting until my books are open again. 
  2. Pricing: All of my designs are priced per piece and not per hour, so they vary by size and detail. Typically, I try to accommodate what I can given your budget. Most flash pieces that are on the smaller end are around $200, while larger flash pieces (ones that take up about half the sheet or more) start at around $300. I can give a better quote once I know your budget and the sizing! 
  3. Duplicates: I will not tattoo the same design more than once. If you and your friend want to match, and both consent to it, that is totally a-okay!


  1. . Availability: In every booking period, I will take on a set number of flash designs given my availability and travel plans. This means that I am very selective with my custom projects because I want to make sure that I have enough time to devote to working with that person through consultations and drafting up designs with them. 
  2.  Priority Work: These are things that I am interested in doing at the moment, so if this sounds like your jam, be sure to email me when my books open! Currently, I am interested in projects centering:
  • Animals/plants
  • human form/ explorations of gender presentation
  • culturally relevant designs
  • mythology
  • larger compositions!
  • east/se/s asian imagery
  • plants/biomes/natural history
  • hands
  • imagery that ensures balancing detail with minimalism
  1. Things I won't do: Please don't be offended if the style of custom work that you are interested in is on this list! It just means that it is not something that I would do at this time. 
  • Anything smaller than 4x4 inches
  • bands 
  • miniature tattoos
  • geometric tattoos / dotted lines
  • pet portraits
  • culturally appropriative designs - no "spirit animals"
  • Norse mythology because of its relationship to white supremacy
  • Lettering not in my style
  • picture frames and symbols
  • Anime/ Video game designs
  • European Art